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The Challenge

Dalur Luxury came to us with a look and feel with few assets and little purpose, wanting a high-end brand refresh and website to show its luxury rental properties in all their glory. The website needed to be able to list multiple properties for rent, and for the team to be able to select from a list of amenities for each.

The Solution

We found a luxurious, Scandi-flavoured typeface to use as the headline brand font and gave the overall look plenty of white space, allowing the beautiful photography to take pride of place. We also added subtle animations to bring these elements to life without imposing on the user experience.

We built nested collection lists inside Webflow so the team can add new amenities at any time to any project and carefully optimised the imagery to maintain quick load times without compromising on quality.

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What our client thinks

Zoe Brynjolfsson

Zoe Brynjolfsson

Sales and Marketing Director

Working with Studio Tonic was a dream. I had been looking for a web designer for a while and all I had was an idea and a logo. From our first online meeting I knew Tonic were going to be perfect. They had done their research before our meeting, knew what questions to ask and guided and helped me structure my ideas from day one. They were speedy and extremely organised and thought about every detail. The result of the website was more than I could ever have imagined – thank you Studio Tonic!

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