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We specialise in design and development for ambitious, growing SMEs and white label services for global creative agencies.

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Web design experts & Official Webflow Partners

With over 35 years experience in-house and in agencies, we’re positioned perfectly to help your site meet your business objectives.

Visual Identity
Web Design
Webflow Development
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Marketing Sites
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Copy Writing
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Marketing Collateral
White Label Design/Development
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Rapid turnaround

Our workflow process, combined with Webflow's visual design interface, speeds up development, resulting in fast project completion and delivery.

Fuss-free content updates

Easily manage and update your website content using Webflow's intuitive content management system (CMS), reducing ongoing your maintenance costs.

Interactions and animations

We use motion design to elevate our sites and make them more engaging by harnessing the power of Webflow Interactions and the GSAP Javascript animation library. Websites with animations and interactions receive a 60% increase in engagement on average.


What our clients say

Tonic has been a fantastic partner for us - visionary, fast, and flexible. The quality of their work speaks for itself, but they’re also just lovely to work with!

Eric Fulwiler
Eric Fulwiler
Co-founder & CEO at Rival

Working with Tonic was a joy from start to finish. We had multiple bumps in the road, from our side, and they navigated them with patience, willingness and understanding. I am also really happy with our final brand and website design. I can’t wait to get it out there. I’d recommend them to anyone and would happily work with them again.

Ed Dark
Ed Dark
Founder & CEO at Catsnake: The Story Agency

From a completely blank canvas, Tonic created a brand and website that brought to life our vision for our luxury home staging and interior design business in a way that completely exceeded our expectations. They are wholly responsible for the success of our launch and the unprecedented amount of business we have already generated. We look forward to them helping us grow and develop our business for the foreseeable future.

Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard
Co-Founder at The Folio Group

Tonic was the perfect fit for us to design and build our new site, and to collaborate with our agency partner. They were agile, and responsive and brought our new visual identity to life quickly with personality and professionalism. I highly recommend working with them.

Antton Pena
Antton Pena
Chief Strategy Officer at Flock

Working with Tonic was a breath of fresh air. They are dedicated professionals with a passion for their craft. They have a depth of knowledge and experience in designing for the web that we were severely lacking before we were lucky enough to find them. I very much look forward to collaborating with them again in future.

Allen Leitch
Allen Leitch
Studio Head at SPOV

It was a pleasure to work with the Tonic team. Rebranding a company is an overwhelming process with so much to consider and they guided us through the process, vision and strategy with knowledge and support from start to finish. The team made building the website as smooth and simple as it could be. We are so pleased with the outcome and the knowledge they will offer continued support if required. We highly recommend Studio Tonic.

Tori Galloway-Dacie
Tori Galloway-Dacie
Operations Director at MWA


How your project works


Our projects start with a complementary, no-obligation 30-minute video call so we can understand more about your business, objectives and requirements. Book your meeting here.

Throughout our process we try to minimise meetings in order to keep things moving efficiently and focus on delivery. We use a combination of collaborative design tools and bespoke video walkthroughs to share creative updates to allow you to share feedback in your own time.


We use our extensive in-house abilities to build a comprehensive sitemap and wireframes showing your new site's information architecture, how the content flows and how your users will navigate through it. Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch we can change, edit, or create new copy for you.

Once this is done, we’ll ask all stakeholders to review and feed back ahead of written sign-off via email.

Creative direction

We'll show the inspiration that informs how your site will look and we'll send you a Loom video to walk you through our strategic decisions. You can add comments directly on to the mood board, request a meeting to discuss it in detail, or just pop us an email to let us know if you’re happy for us to proceed.

Design concept

We’ll create up to two design concepts based on the approved creative direction, applied to up to three sections of your new site, which includes imagery, typography, colour and graphic application. We’ll present this to all key stakeholders, and make up to two rounds of amends if required. When it's signed off we’ll move on to designing the full site.

Website design

This is where your site comes to life. We create all the unique and template pages for your site, adding in the approved copy and the design elements from the previous stages. You'll have up to two rounds of amends in this phase.


Once you’ve signed-off the high fidelity design we’ll build your site in Webflow, bringing it to life in a dynamic, mobile-friendly format.

Once it's built and the final payment received we’ll host your site inside our Webflow Workspace and add you/your team as Editors, or we'll transfer it to your Webflow Workspace. We’ll then record training walkthrough videos, giving you control of your site’s content, before going live.


We don’t have spurious maintenance or security fees and we won't tie you in to lengthy, expensive retainers. If you need further design or development support we’re always here to help on a no-contract hourly retainer fee of £100 + VAT. Send us what your requests, we’ll give you an indication of how long we think it will take, and only charge you for the work you need.


Any questions?

Maybe we’ve answered them below. We love getting into the details so the best way to start your project is to book into a meeting.

How much do your websites cost?

Most websites that we build range from £5-30K + VAT, based on your objectives, requirements and the functionality you need. The best way to get an accurate cost is to book into an introductory meeting with us so that we can have a chat about your project in detail.

Someone has said they'll make us a site for much less, why should we invest in you?

We're highly-skilled experts doing complex, strategic work which helps you drive revenue and customer acquisition/retention. Our visual identities, sites, content management systems and analytics dashboards are completely bespoke, are designed to meet your objectives and built to scale. Our costs are based on our decades of experience and adding long-term value to your business.

How long does it take to make a website?

We've refined our workflow to minimise back and forth, to be as efficient as possible. We always try to accommodate all deadlines, where reasonable, but this depends on several factors as every project has its own unique set of requirements. The main factor can be the time it takes for you to respond to us - the quicker you get back to us, the quicker we can get the site finished. Once we've scoped your project we'll be able to give you a timescale as part of the proposal.

How do we get started?

All of our projects start with an introductory meeting where we discuss your requirements and from there we'll make a plan about how best to proceed. Typically we'll need you to send us a link to your current website. (if you have one), any brand assets and guidelines you have and any copy you've written for the site.

We already have a Figma design, can you work with that?

Absolutely. You can book into an introductory meeting here and we can chat through the design and make a plan. Depending on the complexity and set-up we may need to request changes, or to edit the design ourselves, in order to handover to Webflow more effectively.

Can you work to our brand guidelines?

We're used to translating guidelines into scroll-stopping design. If we're building, developing or applying your visual ID, we always create with objectivity, strategy and sound reasoning in order to amplify your brand.

Can you build the site in our Webflow Workspace?

Absolutely – you can invite us into your account as a designer (you don't need to pay any extra).

How much does Webflow hosting cost?

This varies depending on what your site needs; most sites we build are on the Webflow CMS plan. You can see Webflow's pricing here.

Can we add new sections or functionality once design or development has been approved?

Your custom CMS lets you add, edit and update content so, by ensuring all decision-makers have signed off on the structure, copy, design and functionality requirements at every stage, everything is accounted for before high-fidelity designs and Webflow development begins.

If you find you need anything outside the initial scope of the project we can add additional functionality later. This may incur additional costs (which we want to avoid) so please ensure that all your stakeholders are engaged and consulted throughout the whole process.

Let’s build your website.

Book an intro meeting or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How can we help?

If you think we’re the right fit for your project, the best way to get started is to book a free 30-minute meeting. If you have questions before that, please use the form below instead.

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