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Studio Tonic took the time to understand our company mission and me as a brand owner – I'm used to working with many agencies, but Studio Tonic just got it. They've created a disruptive, bold and fun brand and website which truly reflect what we get up for in the morning. We were immediately on the same page, the whole process has been extremely collaborative and all their creative output embodies this.

Katie Butchers
Katie Butchers
Founder at Citizen Canine

Citizen Canine came to us on a mission to change the world of dog walking and pet care for good. We responded with an equally bold and disruptive brand identity and online presence.

a large billboard with a citizen canine print with the text 'join the walkies revolution'
the hero section of the new home page of the Citizen Canine website

The challenge

The dog walking industry is currently unregulated and practices can be unsafe. It's an incredibly crowded market so we had to find a way to differentiate the premium start-up brand.

Initially offering limited services, but expecting to scale quickly, it had to be built on solid, clear foundations in terms of values, position and purpose. It needed to have a strong and memorable visual identity to stand out and, as a tech-savvy company, having a powerful online presence was imperative.

The solution

We worked closely with Katie, the founder, to define the visual and verbal tone - she was clear that she wanted to start a revolution in the industry, and with a name like Citizen Canine, we knew we had license to go big. Inspired by propaganda-style posters and heroic imagery we wanted to champion dogs and show them the same level of attention they get from their owners and the company. We used striking, saturated colour and bold typography paired with revolutionary, tongue-in-cheek messaging to bring the vision to life.

CMS-powered services allow Citizen Canine to scale their website as their business grows. Each new service they add in the future will populate seamlessly into the website and will have a full, templated page complete with a booking calendar. We took the opportunity to add some fun and playfulness (because, dogs) with the photography interactions, too.

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