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I worked with Tonic to create a new visual identity for our company and our whole team is really impressed with the final product. Tonic really took the time to understand the brand through discussions with our key stakeholders, and helped to guide us through the whole process. The new branding looks super slick and working with team Tonic is always a pleasure!

Hannah Sinclair
Hannah Sinclair
Head of Marketing at Crafty Counsel

Crafty Counsel is on a mission to bring joy, insight, and connection to in-house lawyers through high-quality content, events, and insights. As a rapidly-scaling startup, it hit the ground running with a bare-bones visual identity which was struggling to scale with the company.

thew new crafty counsel logo
illustration of a fox with small people climbing

The challenge

The legal world has a reputation for being grey, boring and formal. Crafty Counsel's community, however, is anything but. What began as a media platform is now a thriving community of in-house counsels looking to share, connect and learn and the company is on a mission to bring joy, inspiration and creativity to the sector.

Its previous branding was mixed-up, basic and lacked any distinguishing features - we were tasked to craft a new visual language that included colour, vibrancy and disruptive creativity.

The solution

We worked from the ground up with several key stakeholders to truly understand the importance of community to Crafty Counsel and learned how deep their commitment to creativity, openness and joy truly runs.

We gave a fresh new twist on traditional typography and built a broad, flexible colour palette that expressed warmth and freedom, allowing Crafty Counsel to scale their communication design without losing their unique identity. We created a suite of graphic devices, based on the new logo illustration to add depth and motion to social media and motion graphics. We also redesigned the logo using a new rounded and approachable typeface and commissioned Illustrator Ollie Farthing to breathe new life into their iconic fox mascot.

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