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Tonic was the perfect fit for us to design and build our new site, and to collaborate with our agency partner. They were agile, and responsive and brought our new visual identity to life quickly with personality and professionalism. I highly recommend working with them.

Antton Pena
Antton Pena
Chief Strategy Officer at Flock

Working in tandem with brand and strategy agency, KOTO, we took the lead on website design and development, bringing the new visual identity to life through bold use of colour and typography, elevating the user experience through sophisticated and subtle animations and interactions.

The challenge

We were asked to re-design and build the Flock website from the ground up, translating the new branding from KOTO. We worked with key stakeholders to understand the revamped business proposition and then apply it to the UI design and UX journey.

The solution

We worked alongside the Flock and KOTO teams to get under the skin of the new design brand identity and then built it into a clear and impactful UI design system. We reconfigured the Webflow CMS to allow the Flock team to make changes and update content more efficiently and we simplified the UX and navigation throughout the site, making for a simple yet effective customer journey. We also implemented custom forms to submit directly to Flock's Hubspot account, automating the CRM process and centralising content, giving them power to manage all of their marketing from one source.

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