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From a completely blank canvas, Tonic created a brand and website that brought to life our vision for our luxury home staging and interior design business in a way that completely exceeded our expectations. They are wholly responsible for the success of our launch and the unprecedented amount of business we have already generated. We look forward to them helping us grow and develop our business for the foreseeable future.

Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard
Co-Founder at The Folio Group

The nascent home staging market in London's super-prime property market is staid and safe. The Folio Group was set up to be best-in-class and to make a big impact with its bold, designer-led bespoke approach.

image of a luxury home with the folio logo on top

The challenge

The Folio Group had a name, industry contacts, financial backing and a big idea but nothing in the way of branding. We needed to establish a presence which not only stood up to the market's established players but stood apart from them. It also needed to reflect the super-prime area in which they would operate. The Co-Founders  tasked us to create an identity which would at once feel aspirational but instantly familiar to those for whom luxury is baked into their everyday.

The solution

We worked closely to establish the position, purpose and DNA of the company before diving into competitor research to find a gap which wasn't being filled. Inspired by non-industry luxury and premium brands we were able to establish a bold visual identity which uses colour and typography as a differentiator and plays into the concept of a design-obsessed practice.

Once we had the look then came the site design and build. We built a filter-based UI to showcase a vast portfolio of exceptional photography which allows the user to select the interior styles they're interested in. Adding new case studies and projects is easy and seamless through the Webflow CMS and we designed subtle interactions to incorporate a feeling of elegance in to the user experience.

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