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The challenge

Working from a pre-existing website design meant we had to make appropriate UX and best practice adjustments to the design, content, SEO structure and functionality to bring the vision to life.

Tonic came to my rescue! I had the brand look and feel in place but struggled to find someone technically confident and trustworthy to deliver the creative vision, on time and on budget. They streamlined the user experience, managed the build, talked through the technical side, and came with options and solutions, keeping me informed through-out. Super happy with the outcome and would recommend Tom and Nick.

Liza Morgan
Liza Morgan
Founder at RISE

The solution

We made appropriate UX and best practice adjustments to redesign the pages and core structure and created page and section titles for hierarchy, along with individual job listing pages for easy link sharing and great SEO benefits. Simplifying and rationalising layouts allowed us to build to the available budget and make easily repeatable sections for future updates, lowering future update costs. We added generous dashings of GSAP animations to the site to fit with the 'rising' theme of the branding.

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