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Tonic has been a fantastic partner for us - visionary, fast, and flexible. The quality of their work speaks for itself, but they’re also just lovely to work with!

Eric Fulwiler
Eric Fulwiler
Co-founder & CEO at Rival

Rival builds brands that break through in a crowded market, but its website wasn't working hard enough. The start-up hit the ground running and needed a powerful and adaptable site which could scale with them.

an iMac showing a screenshot from the home page of the website

The challenge

With limited graphic devices, a pared back visual identity and no imagery to work with there was nowhere to hide. Bringing out the brand values and bold approach to business meant that we would need to be equally bold and creative with our design.

In order to improve site performance we needed to import a large amount of existing Wordpress blog content into Webflow, as the original Wordpress website was very slow to load, especially on the content hub.

The solution

Working with Rival's existing branding, we leant into using white space, asymmetrical layouts and gradient type to lift the design and give a sense of movement and emphasise the brand's core USPs.

We created a bespoke search and filter system for the content hub which can be edited through the Webflow CMS, meaning that the client can update the categories whenever they need to. We used a clean grid layout with a minimal card design to allow the user to scan the card content quickly and easily. We paginated the list to ensure a quick page load with quick filtering, then added a 'load more' function to append extra content to the bottom of the list.

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