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Working with Tonic was a breath of fresh air. They are dedicated professionals with a passion for their craft. They have a depth of knowledge and experience in designing for the web that we were severely lacking before we were lucky enough to find them. I very much look forward to collaborating with them again in future.

Allen Leitch
Allen Leitch
Studio Head at SPOV

Offering creative direction, cinematic, UI/UX and Design to the entertainment industries, Spov had designed a beautiful website but needed a development and delivery partner with expert web design know-how. That's where we came in.

three phone screens showing parts of the website

The challenge

We worked with Spov to advise on best practices for web and to bring their site design to life, creating an easily editable Webflow site with stand-out interactions to play project case study videos.

The solution

We used custom Javascript to trigger an animation when the custom play button positioned on top of the video is clicked. When clicked, the video window expands to its native aspect ratio and auto-plays the video. We then overlaid a close button to reverse and pause the animation, without stopping it.

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