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When we were approached to redesign the website for ZipFit, a world leader in ski boot liners, we jumped at the chance. Their passion for attention to detail and high performance meant we were a great fit to work with their leadership team in California to create a new look and feel for the site.

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The challenge

ZipFit are a passionate team who know what their customers want and are dedicated to helping skiers ski to their fullest, all day, every day. Whilst their product and brand awareness was high amongst their target audience, their website had gone unloved for a little too long and wasn't set-up to maximise the potential for eCommerce.

ZipFit had two main tasks for us to solve - to breathe fresh life into the site design without any radical changes to their existing brand assets, and to create an engaging and straightforward online fitting service.

The solution

We focused first on the content design, breaking out of a conventional grid to create interesting layouts to serve up the vast amount of content in a fresh and engaging way, before adding lashings of white space to reflect the sense of space you find on, or off, the piste. Previously underutilised, we brought out their sumptuous product and lifestyle shots along with a refreshed colour palette and typeface to reflect their brand position and appeal to the target audience.

We completely redesigned their online fit finder service to create an adaptable template design that would work for any type of question, giving ZipFit the power to deliver the user a clear path to purchase and bring the online experience in line with the in-person boot fitting experience.

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